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putrikenari 5th July 2015 09:53 AM

Akibat Dari Memisahkan Indukan Kenari Jantan Dan Betina
Most breeders canaries in Indonesia separating males and females so the female is laying eggs and hatching. Most of it is done by consideration of benefit, although some farmers no reason to keep the canary male stamina. Therefore when the children were born canary canary breeders was only females who feed their children.

I recently tried to raise canaries who try to follow the breeding system as mentioned above, it turned out to see the tragic and melancholy. I met some of the children dying walnut with an empty cache, after I observed the female parent has turned out to be lazy or may also not be able to feed her children alone. I was reminded by Kian Sing pack experiences, he recounted his experience when viewing walnut ranch in London, he said there is hardly found walnuts matchmaking system as in Indonesia, which separates the male and female incubate the eggs until time of walnuts walnuts produce children. Thus begins the matchmaking process to produce seedlings of walnut, walnut males and females always together, making love to love each other and care for both children. I think not separate the two of them.

Link: memisahkan kenari jantan dari betina

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