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putrikenari 29th November 2014 12:54 PM

Vitamin Alami untuk Kenari
You definitely want to have a healthy canaries and diligent chirp. To have such a bird then you must provide the proper vitamins. There are a lot of vitamins canaries that you can use. But better you use natural ingredients because natural ingredients are very safe for your bird. It is very different if you use artificial vitamins where artificial vitamins sometimes contain chemicals that are not good for birds.

If you are going to use natural vitamin canaries then you should make sure you use clean material. With clean material will make no germs in the feed material. One of the natural ingredients that you can use for extra vitamins are vegetables. The canary is a bird that likes to consume vegetables. There are many types of vegetables are good for this bird. You can give cabbage, cucumbers and peppers to eat this bird. In the vegetables there are many vitamins that are good for the health and growth of birds.

In addition to vegetables other natural ingredients that you can use to vitamin canaries are insects. In the wild canary is one type of insectivorous birds. But insects are consumed are insects with a small size. Thus you should look for insects that have small size and fit in the bird's beak. In insects there are many nutrients and vitamins are good for canaries.

Both types of natural vitamin canary already mentioned above are very good to eat. But you have to make sure if you do not give the feed with frequently. If you provide the feed is often would make the birds become bored. With vitamins and protein the bird will be healthy. A healthy bird always perform optimally with a beautiful voice. You do not need a lot of money to buy natural vitamin above. In addition to vitamins for proper canaries, you also have to give maximum care so that birds grow perfectly and become champions of birds.

Description: Vitamin natural canary is very good and safe for birds. One of the natural ingredients that can be used for additional vitamin bird is a vegetable.

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