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putrikenari 8th March 2015 03:00 PM

Burung Kenari tidak mau kawin / tidak mau berpasangan
Whether you're raising canaries? Yes, walnut has become one of the birds chirping commodity most in demand in Indonesia. So no wonder if the price is increasingly good because there are many chirping bird lovers who meminatinya. Then what the price of walnuts today? To see more clearly about the price of the latest canary in 2014, please read here.

Back to the original topic, the canary breeders are still many who have difficulty in raising canaries that the beautiful voice. One of the most frequent problems faced by the breeder / breeders walnut walnut is when mated male and female. Indeed, this phase may be the most difficult because we have to really prepare walnut breeding male and female, of course, with the condition of good physical and mental together. Because if one thing is not met, then maybe they (canary male and female) do not want to get married, married but do not lay eggs, or eggs do not hatch.


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