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Rkuma265 11th May 2021 06:20 PM

Build-your-own morning routine
Do you remember your inventory of morning activities? ... well, now you just have to see where your new habits fit better in your routine.
Perhaps it is better to do your stretches immediately after getting up, perhaps it is better to meditate for a few minutes after brushing your teeth or taking your coffee calmly when you finish dressing, you decide!
The most important thing is that the time you invest in each one is consistent with the range of extra time you have and above all that you still have a little "rescue" time or "cushion" time so as not to overwhelm you.
So in this step, you just have to type the following:
Where in your sequence of activities can your new habit (s) best fit in?
How much time do you plan to spend on it (realistically)?
How much rescue time do you have left (for the unforeseen)?

For example:
I wake up between 6:30 - 6:40 am
Sequence of activities:
Make the bed: 2 min
Brush my teeth: 3 min
Meditate: 5 min
Shower: 10 min
Fix me: 15 min
Prepare coffee to go: 10 min
Sit down and Plan my day: 10 min
Rescue time: 20 min
Total = 75 min
Departure time: 8:00 am

And ready!
Now you have your morning routine to start the day on the right foot, all you need is to write it down so you don't forget and have a visual purpose that helps you be consistent.
Extra step: If you don't have time in the morning, optimize the activities you already have

This step is especially important for people who discovered after the inventory that they don't have any time to spare in the morning.
But it can also be useful to polish your morning routine.
What I propose is to optimize the activities that you already do in your morning and combine them with another habit or optimize them in a healthy way. For example, when I wake up by my phone alarm so just to stop the alarm I take my phone so I also do second work at the same time. I greet my girlfriend good morning by sharing good morning sweetheart images in the morning.

Here are some examples:

Putting mindfulness into practice in the shower
Yoga in bed after waking up
Do your mental reflection or gratitude while brushing your teeth
Going for a dog walk and getting some exercise at the same time
Listen to an audiobook on the way to work
Plan your day while the coffee maker is on
Tell your children a story while you dress them for school
Make the bed as a team with your partner to ask about their day
Do an express stretch before you get in the shower
Surely if you think about it, some of your activities can be optimized to improve the way you start your day and thus build a better morning routine.
What if you want to have a habit that takes longer than you have?
For example, you want to go for a run in the morning because you definitely can't do it in the afternoon; Or maybe you want to work on your personal project before going to work, because at night your children and responsibilities do not allow it.
The problem is that you do not have enough time and then what can you do in those cases? ...

Well, time is like money and if it is not enough for you, then you will have to give up another activity or gain more time by waking up earlier.
So check your inventory again and analyze if any of those activities can eliminate them, postpone them for the afternoon or advance them at night.
Another option is to start for a short time. For example: if you are starting to run, then 10 minutes of running and 10 minutes of preparation (getting dressed, drinking water, etc.) may be enough to take the first step.
The same is true if, for example, you intend to write a book. Writing early for 15 minutes is better than writing nothing at all, and this small triumph motivates you to give up other activities or be more aware of those that are not so important.

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